Marla Laramie Photography

My Three Favorite People on Earth

My three favorite people on earth are my husband and my two girls (sorry Mom, you, Dad, and Chad come in right behind them!).  Of course I take tons and tons of photos of the girls … my forever guinea pigs.  Rarely does Elliot let me photograph him.  But he’ll do it for his girls.  He’s a big giant, marshmallow, softie for those two.

Last year our neighborhood had its first annual Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Dance.  They had it at our neighborhood clubhouse, with sweets, lots of music and dancing, and a flower and a balloon for each girl to take home.  The girls and I somehow convinced Elliot that he should take them, and they had so much fun they were excited to do it again this year.  In fact, Anna still talks about last year’s dance and was so excited about this year’s dance that she was in tears Thursday night because she had to wait TWO MORE WHOLE DAYS.

I feel so lucky to have a husband who chooses to be so involved in his girls’ lives.  They couldn’t ask for a better dad.  And I just love that one day they will be able to look back at all the memories he made time to create with them.

And a flashback from last year …


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  • Fran Mackenzie - ohhh! Dads and their girls make me smile 🙂

    Such lovely memories for them – just beautiful images Marla.

  • Kim - Oh this gave me goosebumps! What an amazing family legacy your husband is creating! Your images are beautiful!!

  • Jana Kunz - Awww, so cute!! Your girls are adorable. 😉

  • Mom - The pictures of my granddaughters and Dad are wonderful. All of us are very lucky to have Elliot.

  • Carley Mac - lovely photos – the happiness is just jumping off of the screen at me!

  • jenny - What a wonderful tradition to uphold.
    The girls (and Elliot) will remember this forever.
    You have a beautiful family, Marla!

  • Kori Hiser - Aww! This is a great tradition!!

  • Natasha Whiteley - you have a beautiful family

  • Kathi Po - Gosh! I’m looking at these while up at work…creating a little mist(tear)…lol. It is amazing to me how their gentleness comes through in your work…nothing sweeter than an attentive daddy:)